Encore the Miniature Horse

Encore is a big heart in a small package. He’s a little mischievous, but he loves to explore! You can find him chomping on the greenest patch of grass in the pasture.

Lola the Miniature Donkey

Lola is a verified vocalist. She loves to sing and sunbathe while the rest of the herd moves around the farm. She’s small in size, but her voice is mighty!

Alpie the Alpaca

Alpie is a fuzzy friend who always makes sure his friends are taken care of. He loves to frolic around the pasture, kicking his heels up high. Don’t let his fleece fool you! He’s fast as lightening.

As a speech-language pathologist, I absolutely love this book! The language and illustrations in this book are perfect for the children I serve with speech and language deficits. It is also exciting to be able to expose my students to an African American Cowgirl!!!!! I highly recommend this book!!!
Karen D.
Speech Language Pathologist

Join the Herd!

Our Barnyard Besties are compassionate, curious, and care deeply for their community. By taking the Barnyard Bestie pledge, you commit to leading with kindness, exploring the vastness of the world with an eager heart, and fostering an inclusive community that welcomes everyone.

This pledge is not just words, it’s a lifestyle choice that encourages you to build confidence through daily adventures and embody the spirit of the herd. Whether you’re a lover of animals, nature, or simply believe in the power of positive change, taking this pledge is your first step towards making a difference. Join us in spreading love, learning, and laughter as a Barnyard Bestie.

Barnyard Bestie Pledge: As a Barnyard Bestie, I do pledge To lead with compassion for others and for myself To be curious about the world big and small To keep my community inviting to one and all To build confidence in everyday adventure Keeping the spirit of the herd at my center.



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