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What are Cowgirl Camryn Events?

So glad you asked!


Invite incredible storytelling and a spirit of adventure into your classroom with a visit from Abriana. Our Author Visits are more than just reading sessions; they are an immersive experience that transports children into the heart of Camryn’s world, filled with horses, learning, and endless curiosity.

Abriana brings stories to life, engaging students with interactive readings, discussions about the themes of courage, friendship, and empathy, and fun activities that spark imagination. Each visit is tailored to inspire a love for reading, nurture creativity, and instill life-long values.

Author visits are perfect for schools, libraries, and community events!

Abriana seated with left hand stretched to the sky while reading to students.
Kids decorating horseshoes at the Cowgirl Camryn tent


Cowgirl Camryn Workshops are hands-on, experiential learning sessions designed to bring the core values of our stories into the real world. Focusing on themes like emotional intelligence, leadership, teamwork, and the special bond between humans and animals, these workshops offer a unique blend of education and entertainment.

Choose one of our signature workshops or collaborate with us to design one of your own! Each is facilitated by caring educators. Participants will engage in activities that teach empathy, communication, and problem-solving skills. Whether it’s a school group, a community event, or a birthday party, our workshops are easily customizable to meet the needs of our Barnyard Besties, providing valuable life lessons in a fun, interactive environment.

Join us for a Cowgirl Camryn Workshop, where stories leap off the page and into the hearts and minds of all who participate.


Cowgirl Camryn brings a touch of wonder, education, and animal love to festivals and community events. Our interactive booth and live demonstrations capture the essence of the Cowgirl Camryn universe, offering families an engaging and educational experience.

From storytelling sessions and meet-and-greets with the author, to hands-on activities that reflect the adventures and values of Cowgirl Camryn, our presence adds a unique and meaningful dimension to any event. We’re committed to fostering a sense of community, encouraging children to explore the outdoors, and promoting inclusivity and understanding through our participation.

Ideal for fairs, community gatherings, and educational expos, Cowgirl Camryn’s presence ensures an event filled with learning, laughter, and the spirit of the barnyard besties. Join us as we celebrate the joy of reading and the strength of community at your next festival or event.

The Cowgirl Camryn tent set up at the NC State CVM open house