Connecting With The Herd At Frying Pan Park Horse Expo 2024



Last Friday, Encore and I hit the road after a long day’s work to attend the Frying Pan Park Horse Expo in Herndon, Virginia for the second year in a row. We started attending this event last year after an invite from my friend Martha Figueroa who lives in the area. Encore and I drove up Friday evening and I got him settled into his stall so he could rest up for the next day.

When it came time to set up Saturday morning, there were a few details I wanted to make sure we had in place. The more important aspect of the booth to me was making sure that Encore could interact with the kids in a way that didn’t require me to put a lead rope on him. It was important to me that he had the choice to entertain people as he pleased.

Encore standing in his stall

After one failed attempt that ended up with Encore trotting down the barn aisle (that Great Escape book keeps coming to life), we tied the baby gate to the front of the stall with a couple of ropes and he was contained. 

I set up the rest of the table– setting the books in the book stand, arranging the small horse toys around the table, placing QR code checkout signs on the table, and filling the bowls with candy. Last year, we were the only table that handed out candy and anything for the kids to take home. Since we had two events back to back, we didn’t splurge for the wooden stall signs and horseshoes. This year, we launched our Agffirmation pages to see how our Barnyard Besties liked them. 

Several of the kiddos decided to color in the activity stall and even more took their Agffirmation pages with them!

A little boy sitting and coloring agffirmation pages.

Friends of Frying Pan Park reported over 6,000 guests attended the event! 

I got to see some of our Barnyard Besties from last year. One parent even told me that he and his daughter read Cowgirl Camryn for the last two weeks to prepare for seeing us again at this event. I was really touched by that. Seeing the kids’ faces light up when visiting with Encore truly made my day.

I can’t wait to see how this event continues to elevate every year. From the vendors to the programming, the Frying Pan Park Horse Expo is an incredible experience for families in Northern Virginia.

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