Lasso the Fun with Cowgirl Camryn

Cowgirl Camryn, Encore, Lola and Alpie stuffed animals seated at the bottom of a red barn door. The three Cowgirl Camryn books are resting in front of them.


Welcome to the world of Cowgirl Camryn—a place where everyday adventure teaches life lessons of empathy, friendship, and more.

Put on your boots and let’s go!

Welcome to the colorful world of Cowgirl Camryn, a magical farm paradise where rolling pasture and sun-kissed skies meet. It’s a world where adventure isn’t just an event—it’s a way of life. At the heart of this life is Cowgirl Camryn, a spirited cowgirl with a heart as wide as the western plains.

Accompanied by her trusty herd—a miniature horse named Encore, a miniature donkey named Lola, and an alpaca named Alpie— Cowgirl Camryn rides through life’s challenges and triumphs, teaching us the true meaning of compassion, empathy, and understanding of our impact on the world. As we open the gates to the farm, we welcome you, our newest Barnyard Bestie, to join us as we hit the trails, learning what farm life has to teach us.

Meet the Herd: Encore, Lola, and Alpie

On the farm, every character brings their unique personality to the herd. Encore, the miniature horse, embodies the spirit of perseverance. Despite his small stature, his heart and courage outmatch the biggest of horses. Encore tends to be a little mischievous, but he shows up for his friends when they need him the most.

Lola, the miniature donkey, with her gentle eyes and patient demeanor, teaches us that strength comes not from how big your muscles are but from your spirit. She is a talented vocalist whose voice touches lives far and wide.

Alpie, the alpaca, with his silly personality and fluffy exterior, reminds us of the importance of curiosity and the joy of discovery. He is a sensitive soul who truly values the connection he has with his herd.

Just like any ol’ cowgirl, the herd is bound to grow! Keep your eyes peeled for more books in the series where new characters and herd mates join in on the shenanigans.


Alpie, Lola, Cowgirl Camryn and Encore stuffed animals arranged with the Cowgirl Camryn and the Crazy Hair Day and Cowgirl Camryn and the Great Escape books arranged in front of them.

A Farm Paradise Brimming with Farm Funnies and Life Lessons

Cowgirl Camryn’s Corral is more than just a backdrop for her adventures; it’s a character in its own right, vibrant and alive, offering lessons and laughs at the same time. Each story weaves a tapestry of life lessons crucial not just to our young readers but to anyone interested in growth and exploration.

Each story touches on a component of social and emotional learning and incorporates the connection between humans, animals, and the environment. As we explore the farm together, we will encounter obstacles that will encourage us to rely on the spirit of the herd.

For example, you may find that friendship blooms in the most unexpected places– in the barn or at a rodeo, while acceptance comes from understanding and embracing our differences, much like the animals in the herd. Our appreciation of the environment as a playground of wonder—gives us a sense of place and responsibility to be good stewards of our world.

Young children gathered around to pet Encore the miniature horse. Abriana squats in front of him to make sure everyone is safe.

Barnyard Besties: More than Just a Community

Our community of readers, affectionately known as the Barnyard Besties, is the heart that keeps this farm fun flowing. The Cowgirl Camryn Corral is a place where kids connect to themselves, to others, and to the world around them through stories that mirror their challenges, dreams, and adventures. As Barnyard Besties, you’re not just reading stories; you’re becoming part of a larger narrative, one that champions kindness, bravery, and the spirit of the herd.

Every adventure with Cowgirl Camryn and her herd is a step into a world that mirrors our own, offering reflections on personal growth, empathy, and ecological awareness. These stories are bridges connecting young hearts to a broader, colorful world of emotions, relationships, and a sense of place. These experiences enrich and inspire, encouraging our young readers to step out into their worlds with confidence, kindness, and a keen sense of adventure.

So, to all our new and future Barnyard Besties, we extend a cowgirl welcome! Once you step foot into the farm you will notice every corner is filled with the promise of new adventures and every story is a seed planted in the garden of your mind. Let’s ride into the sunset, hit the trails, and discover the joy of farm life.  The journey is just beginning.

Abriana is seated on a stool holding up the book Cowgirl Camryn and the Great Escape.

Lasso-ing the Fun

Author and illustrator, Abriana Johnson, travels with the real life Encore the Miniature Horse to schools, libraries and community events reading books, hosting workshops and teaching kids the values of farm life. Through the tales of Camryn and her herd, we hope to inspire a generation of readers to carry these lessons into their lives, spreading the seeds of kindness, bravery, and curiosity wherever they go. Teachers/educators and community members can book a visit through our contact page, via social media or by emailing

Thank you for stepping into this world with us. Here’s to many more adventures together, filled with laughter, learning, and the kind of friendship that makes life a grand, beautiful ride.

Until our next adventure, happy trails, Barnyard Besties!


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