Adventures of Encore: Small Horse, Big Heart

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In a world where green pastures roll and horse treats fill rumbling bellies, there is a stunning, but small, stud of a miniature horse named Encore. Encore’s presence might be small, but his spirit could rival that of the mightiest steeds. They say good things come in small packages, and Encore is evidence of that—a big heart in a small package, indeed.

A Little Mischief Goes a Long Way

Encore’s days are filled with the kind of mischief that brings laughter and light to those around him. Whether he’s playfully dodging Camryn as she tries to put on his halter or leading the herd on an unexpected adventure beyond the fence line, Encore’s antics are a reminder that joy often comes in the most unexpected forms. Yet, beneath his playful exterior lies a horse with a curious spirit, always eager to explore the corners of his world.

Encore grazing on green grass with a red tractor in the background.

The Greenest Grass in the Pasture

If you’re looking for Encore, your best bet is to find the greenest, most lush patch of grass in the pasture—that’s where he’ll be, chomping away happily. It’s not just the taste of the grass that draws him in but the freedom and peace he finds in these quiet moments. These serene, solitary lunches are a testament to Encore’s appreciation for the simple pleasures in life, a lesson we could all stand to learn from.

A Heart for Everyday Adventure

Encore’s love for exploration doesn’t stop at the pasture’s edge. With Cowgirl Camryn and the rest of the herd by his side, he embarks on adventures that stretch the limits of their world. From the cool, shaded woods that lie beyond the farm to the bustling town that wakes with the sunrise, Encore shows us that adventure can be found wherever we dare to look. His courage to explore the unknown, paired with his infectious enthusiasm, inspires his companions to follow suit, leading them into experiences that broaden their horizons and deepen their bonds.

Through Encore’s adventures, we’re reminded of the importance of curiosity, the joy of discovery, and the value of seeing the world through a lens of wonder and excitement. He teaches us that size does not define bravery, that mischief can be a source of happiness, and that sometimes, the best way to find ourselves is to venture into the unknown.

Small child petting Encore the miniature horse

Small Friends, Big Impact

How would your reading journey change if your characters came to life? Encore the Mini is a real miniature horse that stays in Abriana Johnson’s backyard. When Abriana travels to schools, libraries and community events locally, there is always a chance you will see Encore hop out of the MiniMobile and greet a herd of Barnyard Besties. He is an equine educator and plays an integral role in equine-assisted learning with Cowgirl Camryn. Be sure to follow him on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with his antics!

Let’s take a leaf out of Encore’s book and approach life with a heart full of courage, a spirit of exploration, and a gentle reminder that the simplest pleasures often hold the deepest joys.

In the Cowgirl Camryn corral, Encore the miniature horse is a bright light, bringing adventure, laughter, and a bucket of shenanigans. Let’s take a leaf out of Encore’s book and approach life with a heart full of courage, a spirit of exploration, and a gentle reminder that the simplest pleasures often hold the deepest joys.

Here’s to the everyday adventures that lie ahead—with Encore leading the way!


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