The Funky Fleece Fiasco Book Tour Kicks Off August 13th


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CHAPEL HILL, NC – July 9th, 2024 – Author and illustrator, Abriana Johnson, is saddling up for an exciting new adventure with the release of her fourth book, “Cowgirl Camryn and the Funky Fleece Fiasco” on August 13th, 2024. To celebrate this milestone, Abriana will embark on a 8 week book tour featuring virtual and in-person events. We actively seek locations to host or sponsor stops on this tour, including equestrian facilities, museums, schools, and other venues where children and stories connect.

Summertime means it’s time for the herd to shed their winter coats. Lola and Encore shed their winter attire, but Alpie needs some assistance handling his funky fleece. After Alpie gets creative with a pair of fleece shears, the crows roosting outside the barn snickered and teased him about his new look. After a funky fashion free-for-all, Cowgirl Camryn and the rest of the herd show Alpie that it’s okay to be unique and special in your own way. With this newfound confidence, Alpie returns to the bullying crows, defends himself, and encourages them to find what makes them unique. This book explores themes of anti-bullying, self-acceptance, lavish affirmations, and compassion for others.

Cowgirl Camryn is an edutainment brand that connects kids to agriculture through engaging farm adventures. The book series teaches life lessons about self-awareness, empathy, responsibility, and sustainability. With previous books acclaimed for their impact on young readers, Cowgirl Camryn has garnered a loyal following of “Barnyard Besties” who are inspired to explore the world and embrace outdoor activities.

Tour Details:

Duration: August 13th – October 9th, 2024

Format: Hybrid (Virtual and In-Person Events)

Target Venues: Equestrian facilties, museums, schools, libraries, community centers, and any place where animals and kids connect

Why Host a Tour Stop

Hosting a Cowgirl Camryn book tour event offers a unique opportunity to engage your community with an enriching and educational experience. The tour promises to attract families, educators, and young readers who are eager to meet Cowgirl Camryn, participate in interactive storytelling sessions, and learn more about farm life and animal care.

Benefits of Hosting:

– Draw families and community members to your venue

– Provide an educational and entertaining experience for children

– Promote awareness of agricultural education and outdoor activities

– Highlight the importance of empathy, responsibility, and environmental stewardship

Join the Fun:

We invite equestrian barns, museums, schools, and other suitable venues to partner with us in making the Cowgirl Camryn book tour a memorable success. Interested parties can contact Abriana Johnson at (919) 404-9003 or via email at for more information on how to participate.

Together, let’s inspire the next generation to explore what nature has to offer, learn a lot and have fun in the process with Cowgirl Camryn!

About the Author:

Abriana Johnson is a lifelong horsewoman, a small business owner, and the creative mind behind Cowgirl Camryn. With a passion for storytelling and a commitment to agricultural education, Abriana has dedicated her work to inspiring young readers to strengthen connections to themselves, others, and the world around them. She travels up and down the East Coast with Encore the Miniature Horse, sharing stories about horses, representation in children’s literature, and pursuing creative careers.

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