Adventures of Encore: Small Horse, Big Heart

Illustration of Encore the miniature horse with text that says so.

Dive into the adventures of Encore, a miniature horse whose size is no measure of his heart. Join us as we explore his world, full of mischief, exploration, and the greenest patches of grass.

How to Introduce Your Child to Horses

How to introduce your child to horses: A guide for Parents/Guardians

Dive into the magical world of horses with your child through Cowgirl Camryn’s adventures! Learn how becoming a Barnyard Bestie enriches this journey with farm funnies, new books, and educational resources.

Lasso the Fun with Cowgirl Camryn

Cowgirl Camryn, Encore, Lola and Alpie stuffed animals seated at the bottom of a red barn door. The three Cowgirl Camryn books are resting in front of them.

Step into the vibrant world of Cowgirl Camryn, where every corner is filled with adventure, and every story is a journey through farm fun, life lessons, and the spirit of the herd. This introduction is your first step into a universe brimming with heartwarming stories and exciting escapades. Saddle up and let’s have fun!