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Abriana smiling while holding the three Cowgirl Camryn books.

Meet Abriana

Hey there! I’m Abriana Johnson, the creative mind behind Cowgirl Camryn, an edutainment adventure where kids learn about life through the wisdom of the herd. You might also know me as the owner of Black Unicorn Creative where I blend my expertise in brand strategy with my passion for the equine world or as the host of Black In The Saddle, a media platform discussing the impact and influence of Black people on the horse industry. But let’s talk about where my heart truly lies—creating a space where children can grow emotionally and behaviorally, all thanks to the gentle guidance of our four-legged friends.

My journey into the world of horses and education wasn’t a straight path. It started at NC State University, where I majored in Animal Science with a focus on equine studies, and then led me to the University of Florida for a Master’s degree in Health Sciences, emphasizing One Health. This unique blend of animal science, technology, and design sparked an idea:

What if I could combine my love for horses with my skills in technology and strategy to create something truly impactful for kids?

Cowgirl Camryn was born—a brand that’s all about helping kids navigate the ups and downs of growing up through stories of life on the farm.

A Learning Journey

Abriana sitting on her horse Maestro at a trail ride

My Vision

An old photo of young Abriana feeding a sheep

Through Cowgirl Camryn, I aim to introduce children to the powerful relationship between people, animals, and the environment and explore what this can teach us about empathy, responsibility, and the interconnectedness of life. Cowgirl Camryn isn’t just about riding horses, it’s about nurturing a holistic view of the world, championing diversity, and encouraging a sense of inclusion and equity within the equine community and communities at large.

It is truly about being the resource I needed when I was growing up, struggling to find where I fit in as someone passionate about animals. 

When I’m not busy creating new content for Cowgirl Camryn or strategizing over at Black Unicorn Creative, you might find me hosting the Black In The Saddle podcast, sharing stories and insights about the impact and influence of Black people on the horse industry.

Creating Cowgirl Camryn has allowed me to merge my professional education with my personal passions, offering a unique educational experience that encourages children to see the world through a more compassionate and inclusive lens. It’s about making a difference, one child and one horse at a time.

So, saddle up and join me on this adventure! Whether you’re a young learner eager to explore the world with animals by your side or a parent looking for resources that offer more than just pretty horse pictures, Cowgirl Camryn is here to inspire, educate, and entertain. Together, let’s discover the endless lessons our relationships with the world have to offer, fostering growth and understanding in the next generation. Welcome to the world of Cowgirl Camryn, where everyday adventure builds better stewards of the world.

Be What You Want To See

Abriana holding Encore while a little boy pets Encore's head.